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Paul Schulte
Son of Patty Schulte of Boomer, WV
Sister of Paulette Meadows, Fallsview, WV

Robbie & Ronnie Coleman
Sons of Pricilla Coleman of Fallsview, WV

Julie Baldwin

Telisha McClure
Nelson McClure

Children of Richard McClure of Riverside and Alleise McClure of Fallsview, WV

Jeremy Holmes of Emory, Wisconson
Fiancee of  Telisha McClure of Riverside, WV

Michael Palko

Kenny Kilayko
Nephew of Jean Kelly of Smithers, WV

Michael Wickliffe

Son of MSGT. Bobby G. Wickliffe, USMC 






Chris McGhee Smith
Son of Sam Smith of Oak Hill, WV

Norman Breckenridge Jr.
Son of Norman Rollinson.

Jeff Doss
Nephew of Ray & Carol Bell, Fallsview, WV

Brandon Preston

Joseph Young

David Dickerson

Brian Stone

David McClure
Son of David & Donna of Pratt, WV

Jessica Byrd Richards
Niece of Jean Kelly of Smithers, WV

Sgt. Jared Lewallen, El Dorado, KS
Son of Ken and Lee Lewallen, 
Nephew of Tonya Huie of Hugheston, WV 

Chris Mace
Nephew of Jean Kelly of Smithers, WV

Wallace Chip Wilson
Ex-Son-In-Law of John & Donna Duda, Fallsview, WV

James Higgins III
Son of Jim & Connie Higgins of Montgomery, WV

David Matthews
Son of Dilth & Lillian Matthews of Smithers, WV

Gavin Parsons
Son of Calvin Settle & Rita Parsons of Robinson, WV

Donald Robert Schafer,
Son of Laura Brune,  Baltimore, MD  




Semper Fi

Gunnery Sergeant Don Counts
Evansville IN

Steve Kendrick
Son of Lucille Kendrick and the late John Kendrick of Longacre, WV

Christopher Puckett

CPL. Luis E. Caraballo

PN1 Luis Carillo

J.O.C. Anthony D. Bracher

MSGT. Bobby G. Wickliffe

Delbert Templeton




DC2  S.D. Grimes




Charlie Hannigan
Son of Raymond & Lois, Charlton Heights, WV

Larry David Costa
Nephew of Nick & Wanda Costa of Fallsview, WV

Matt Colagrasso
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Tony Colagrasso, Montgomery Heights, WV

John Carelli
Son of John & Diana Carelli, Adena Village, WV

John Hawkin

SFC Cecil Pruiett, Corydon, Iowa
Husband of Tisha Pruitt, Father of Caitlyn Pruiett
Corydon, Iowa




Pvt. 2 Kyle D. Beauchene
(From West Lebanon, NH 03766
(Note from sender: "Just saw the Troop Tree sight ~ what a wonderful thing to do. My name is Pam and I live in New Hampshire with my husband. Our youngest son is in the Army and serving as a MP in Cuba. Could you please add his name to the tree please: Pvt. 2 Kyle D. Beauchene, Army Military Police, Serving at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Thank you for sharing your wonderful site. Pam ~ One Proud Mom of an Army MP Son"



(Note from sender: "I returned home six months ago from Iraq, and I'm due to ship out within the next month. My son and brother are currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. God Bless Our Troops!"

Johnny Pina, Army Reserves
Rank: Staff Sergeant or E6



(Military Branch Unknown)

Calvin Jones
South Carolina

Charles Cole
(no info received)

Jason Ocheltree
   Fayetteville, WV  

Lawrence Kent McKee
Family friends of Pam Hayes, Gauley Bridge

PFC Nick Ammons
Son of Ben and Susan Ammons, Troy, AL





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