There is a quest that calls me,

In nights when I am lone...

The need to ride,

where the ways divide,

The Known from the Unknown.

I mount what thought is near me,

And soon I reach the place...

The tenuous rim,

where the seen grows dim,

and the Sightless hides it's face.

I have ridden the wind, I have ridden the sea,

I have ridden the moon and stars.

I have set my feet

in the stirrup seat

Of a comet coursing Mars.

And everywhere, thro' the earth and air

That my thought speeds lightning-shod,

It comes to a place,

where checking pace,

It cries, "Beyond is God!"

It calls me out of the darkness,

It calls me out of sleep,

"Ride! Ride! Ride!

For you must –

to the end of Dust!"

It bids, and on I sweep,

To the wide outposts of Being,

Where there is Gulf alone –

And thru a vast

that was never passed,

I listen for Life's tone.

I have ridden the wind,

I have ridden the night,

I have ridden the ghosts that flee,

From the vaults of death,

like a chilling breath,

over eternity.

And everywhere is the world laid bare –

Ether and star and clod –

Until I wind

to it's brink and find

but the cry, "Beyond is God!"

It calls me and ever calls me!

And vainly I reply,

"Fools only ride

where the ways divide

What is from whence and why!"

I'm lifted into the saddle

of thought too strong to tame,

and down the deeps,

and over the steeps,

I find ever the same.

I have ridden the wind,

I have ridden the stars,

I have ridden the force that soars

With far intent thro' the firmament

And each to each allies.

And everywhere

That a thought may dare

To gallop, mine has trod...

Only to stand

at last in the strand

Where just beyond is God.

~ ©Cale Young Rice ~

At 3:55 a.m. on July 04, 1998, the soul of Jerry Wayne Jeffries was escorted by angels into the Land of Freedom that awesome realm of God that he had searched for in his dreams.

"How Great Thou Art"

I thank Mr. Rice for this 'grown-up' version of a childhood story from long ago. In mind's eye, I can still see the pondering little face of my very young son as he'd tell me about the dream he'd had last night... "I was flyin' around in space without a helmet again last night, Mom..." (The other space guys (on TV and in story books) needed helmets to breathe up there, remember?)

As he'd grown older, I remained curious whether those dreams had continued and occasionally would comment something like, "They're really making a big deal about that hole in the ozone... They say it's worse over WV because of the coal... but I reckon a guy who cruises around in Space without a helmet wouldn't have to worry about that, huh?"  He'd nonchalantly grin, "Nope."  Another time I said, "Jerry, they showed pictures of a big meteor shower on the news, said if it's not cloudy, east coast can see it tonight." His reply: "It's pretty cool, but I've seen better... Do you have to work?"

Had Jerry found this verse by Mr. Rice, I'm certain it would have been given prominent status on the wall beside his bed with his poster of a masculine angel astride earth-bound Pegasus. He'd bought and placed the poster there sometime during middle-school years and while other posters had come and gone, Pegasus had remained long after High School and military boot camp. He'd inquired a few times while stationed at Camp LeJunene, but the poster had been misplaced when I moved from the old home place in 1994 and I'd not had opportunity to search for it among things that were in storage 75 miles away.

During last hours that we were together, he took me to see his new apartment. When I commented that he needed a picture for his bedroom, he said, "I'm waiting for my Pegasus poster, Mom." I didn't know we had mere 9 hours before he wouldn't need it anymore... Sometimes tomorrow never comes.

His tattered old poster now hangs on the wall beside my computer, inspiring much that you find at this website. The
scene had seemed so forlorn to me back then, but often through mind's eye I now see beyond the sorrowful landscape into that serene realm of freedom where Jerry had gazed all along the one where mystic Pegasus and his Spirit Rider are no longer earth-bound.



"Not being known does not stop truth from being true."

Life is changed, not taken away.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Click here to view Jerry's Pegasus poster




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