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For our Jerry,
Mom, Jim and Randall



Name: Lisa Sink
E-mail address: Lisa
... Marilyn, I don't have words eloquent enough to tell you what an amazing site you have created. I will have to go back and visit again when I can take my time. But please allow me to send you my deepest condolences on your loss of this outstanding young man. Lisa

Name: Annette Bass
E-mail address: Annette
... I didn't think it could be done, but you have made your site even more beautiful. Marilyn, I send it to all my family and friends in hopes that it will touch their hearts as much as it touches mine. You are truly inspired by the love of your son and God. Thank you for inviting me to view the newest additions. Annette Bass

Name: Lisa Marie Lopez
E-mail address: Lisa
... Just a quick note to you all to let you know I looked at the website today and am sending love and best wishes to you all... Marilyn, you continue to do such a wonderful job on the site for Jerry and I know he is looking down on you all with love.... Love, Lisa Lopez

Name: Angie Fraser
E-mail address: Angie
... Thank you for such a wonderful and inspirational site. What a pleasure to read and study on this blessed Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. With much love and gratitude, Angie Fraser

Name: Don & Judy
E-mail address: Don & Judy
... I am so sorry that you lost your son. But what a wonderful tribute you have given him. I love the "7" page. I'm sure he is in 7th heaven. God bless you ! Judy

Name: Lourdes Gómez
E-mail address: Lourdes Gómez
... (Translation from Spanish provided by Dr. Enrique Aguilar. "Thank you!") Message: Greetings! I would love to write you in English, but I can hardly write in my own language. I'm writing to beg you to write a candle for the elevation of your son's soul, and in that same flame will go my prayers of the peace of his spirit and that of all the men, women and children who died in the attack on 09-11. United with you I will pray for peace in the World and that women like you will always give encouragement and wisdom to us whose children are alive. You taught me to tell my son: "I love you today, tomorrow and double sundays." That is my blessing, and if it helps, a greeting from this friend who has cried when reading every letter that you and your son's friends have written in these pages. I say goodbye in unison with your daily prayers. Lourdes Gómez

Name: David Perry
E-mail address: David
... Dear Ms. Jeffries, I ran across a link Jerry's memorial site while surfing down memory lane at I am taking this opportunity to let you know how beautiful and inspirational I found the site. Having lost a close family member myself, I can truly appreciate such a memorial. Although Jerry and I weren't exactly close friends, I looked up to him and thought of him as someone I could trust. It is great to see that so many people visit the site and that it has won so many awards. I wish the best for you and your family and congratulate you once again on a truly awe inspiring memorial to one of the most memorable people I've had the pleasure of knowing. Sincerely, David Perry

Name: Tahyane
E-mail address: Tahyane
... Marilyn, The Memorial of Jerry is very beautiful and it has a divine spiritual touch. It's wonderful! I enjoyed my visit and I will come back to this site again. Blessed be, Tahyane

Name: Annette Bass
E-mail address: Annette
... Hey there... I just finished looking at your site and once again I am really touched. It is always nice to come in and go thru your website... it is so calming and peaceful, it really relaxes me when I am stressed out. Keep up the great work. You are blessing more people than you will ever know. Once again, thank you for sharing this lovely site with me. Annette Bass

Name: Dianna Petry
E-mail address: Dianna
... Marilyn, As always, your work is wonderful and uplifting. I have forwarded the links to several others. The Christmas stories really do remind all of us that there are more important things than fancy gifts under the tree. Dianna

Name: Annette Bass
E-mail address: Annette
... This really must be one of the most touching sites that I have ever viewed. Your words are truly inspired. Keep up the good work. You are touching more hearts than you will ever know. Annette Bass

Name: Christa Tucker
E-mail address: Christa
... This website is just beautiful, I can't think of a better way to immortalize someone that you love. I cried as I looked through this site and browsed, this is truly a work of love. I didn't know Jerry very well, or very long, but he was a very good person, and young, and he still had a whole life ahead of him. It was sad for him to be taken so soon, but everything happens for a reason. Take care and God Bless.

Name: Tanya Spade
E-mail address: Tanya
"...Truth hurts. What powerful poems!

Name: Beth (Fauber) Nickoson
E-mail address: Beth
... When I think of Jerry I always smile because he always had one to give. I often think of him and the fun times we had during our school years, all 12 of them. Jerry always knew how to make people laugh, never a dull moment. I knew Jerry since first grade. I can't even begin to tell all of the fun we had, especially during high school. He was a great person and he is sadly missed by all who knew him. It was so hard to not see him at our high school reunion. I miss you Jer. I'll never forget you! ....... Beth (Fauber) Nickoson

Name: Kimberly A. Spears
E-mail address: Kimberly
... You have put so much effort into this website. It is amazing everything that you have put on here. Jerry would be so proud. I love the photos of the boys. They make the memories in my head so strong and vibrant. I always check the site to see if you have added anything new and I love everything that you have done. It is so beautiful. The music and the sayings... Marilyn, no one could have done a better job for the remembrance of Jerry than yourself. Take care..... Kimberly A. Spears

Name: Pam Garza
E-mail address: Pam
... A Mother nurtures our body, heart, mind, and spirit. Visualizing through the eyes of love. Listening with our heart. Believing with our spirit. Purifying our mind. Mourning only this body, for the soul lives on. A Mother's love is ageless! Truly everlasting life lives on in every heart that touches this site.....Pam

Name: Pam
E-mail address: Pam
... John 3:16... for GOD so loved the world..... Truly everlasting life is to live in our hearts forever.... Pam

Name: Gary Holdren
E-mail address: Gary
... Marilyn, Jim and Randall... Thank you for allowing me to visit Jerry's site. So much love expressed is overwhelming.....Gary

Name: Linda (Jeffries) Brown
E-mail address: Linda
... Marilyn, Jim and Randall... he is sadly missed. This web page is wonderful.....Linda

Name: Kimberly Cox-Wriston
E-mail address: Kimberly
... I was given this site to view by Shelly Jeffries Wriston, who is my sister-in-law by marriage. I too have lost both of my parents, and my father served in the U.S. Navy for 25 years. This tribute is wonderful......... Kimberly

Name: Shelly (Jeffries) Wriston
E-mail address: Shelly
Jim, Randy, and Marilyn... I thought this was beautiful. I have been to the web site numerous times. I know it took a lot of time, but Jerry was worth it. I didn't get to see him often, but when I did it was memorable. I remember when we were little coming to your house... playing outside... Marilyn popping her famous popcorn... and just having fun. Those were the good old days. These things will always be in my memories along with Jerry. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this........ Love and Prayers, Shelly

Name: Mary Jane Manley
E-mail address: Mary Jane
...Marilyn, I just finished reading all the pages and was completely overwhelmed. I didn't know Jerry, but I can see he was definitely one of God's children, and you certainly did a good job raising him. Kay called me and gave me the address yesterday and I spent time reading before church, then finished it this morning. I was simply amazed at the web site. I also called someone to tell him about the address...I heard they were friends. My prayers are with you and your family....... Love, Mary Jane

Name: Christy Filbin
E-mail address: Christy
Randy and Jimmy....I think this site is very special and it is a good way to show everyone just how special your brother was. I know you both must miss him very much and I cannot begin to imagine the pain you have gone through. Just know that my thoughts are with you always. Take care of yourselves and each other and I will see you both again sometime in the future when our paths cross again....... Christy Filbin

Name: Kimberly Spears
E-mail address: Kimberly
Marilyn, You have done a remarkable job on Jerry's web site. It is very touching and done with such grace. Jerry would have loved this site. I know from heaven he is looking down with a smile on his face. Thank you, Marilyn, for making this for everyone and as well as for yourself. It gives everyone a constant remembrance of him, the wonderful things he did for everyone, and still doesn't let us forget the person he was......Kimberly

Name: Lisa (Lopez) Neighbors
E-mail address: Lisa
Marilyn, Jerry's website is wonderful. I go to it every couple of days to see what new items have been added. I know Jerry is looking down on you and thanking you for keeping his memory alive. He will continue to live on through other's memories of him. You, Jimmy and Randy are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work. Take Care, Lisa

Name: Julia Harmon(Judy Glassburn)
E-mail address: Judy
Marilyn, I just this instant finished reading Jerry's Memory Book. What a wonderful, wonderful tribute to your son. One thing I do know about your son is that he loved and respected his Mother without question. I will certainly cherish all the memories that he and Johnny created together, as children and as adults. You just cannot imagine how often I think of Jerry... he was just like my own son. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Love, Judy

Name: Johnny and Tammy Glassburn
E-mail address: Johnny and Tammy
Marilyn... This is a great idea - keep expanding it!!! Love, Johnny


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