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Sgt. Jerry Wayne Jeffries


Life is changed, not taken away.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.


Darrell Midkiff

Troy A. Logan, Sr.

Patricia Lee Clonch-Manley

Sharon "Faye" Garrett-Querry

Shirley "Kay" Garrett-Holcomb
Emijean "Jean" Garrett-Price

Thomas "T.G." Seacrist


Steven Bryant


Ronnie Lee Mays
Ronnie Mays Jr.


Vicki Lucci-Underwood
Michael "Mike" Underwood
Bethel Jane Lucci


Virginia Mae Underwood


Madeline Waters
Regina Waters-Hudson


Stella Simpson


Ronald Dempsey


William "Bill" Miller
Gail Miller-Albaugh


Lorraine Danbery


Rudolph "Rudy" Falbo


Mary Evelyn Veazey


Oretta Belle Polley


Elvin Edwin Garretson


Rosina "Auntie" Demarco


Ella Mae Angel-Livesay



Dempsey & Carrie Dunlap
Bobby Ree Dunlap

Gene Tunney Dunlap

Jimmie & Freda Dunlap
Gail Dunlap-Jackson
Rebecca Dunlap
Jack Dempsey Dunlap
Pauline Dunlap
Charles "Chuck" Dunlap
Charles "Smokey" & Ruth Stover

Orville Dunlap
Cora Myers


Joe Querry
Howard Querry

Otis & Bessie Querry
Chuckie Querry
Jack Querry


Fuller & Goldie Myers
Terry "Mudd" Myers
Fuller Howard Myers
Shannon Myers
Ada Myers
Marguerite Myers


Homer & Masel Myers
Justin "Huddy" Myers
Betty Myers-Keller

Danny Meadows


Michael Garrett II
Sidney & Jessie Garrett
Albert "Hitch" & Ina Garrett
Marvin Garrett
Daniel "Dan" Garrett
Doris Garrett-
Margaret "Pete" & Bob Hamby

Helen & Clifford Jordan

Mildred & Leroy Goode

Mary & Dale Contee

Irvin Price


B.H. "Ben" II & Audrey Jeffries
Elaine Jeffries-Ford

Irene Jeffries
"Mom" Brown
Sonny Jeffries
Dana Brown


"Dee Dee" Hudnall



Anna Rose
Mae Manley



Carl W. Buckley
Raymond Coll



Hobert & Tressa Dunlap
Walter & Eva Jean Holdren
John Edward Hudnall
Shaw'na Renee Jarrett


Alice Roat-Jarrett
Libby Roat-Petry
"Bo" Roat
Augustine & "Mommy" Roat


Basil Schoolcraft
Cecil Schoolcraft
Lovell "Gus" Schoolcraft


"Cosmos" Fair
Ebby Oiler


J.W. Laing
Clarence & Irene Laing
Chester Laing


Frank & Bertha Chaffins


Barney & Eva Laverty


Sandra McCormack-Coiner
Bob & Dot McCormack
Bertha Abbott


Okey & Mary Webb

Mike & Nina Emeline
John & Virgie Emeline
Alex & Wilma Emeline


Euel & Virginia Duncan
Paul Sr. & Mary Duncan
Jackie Duncan
Ray Duncan

Johnny & Anna Jean Duncan
Burl & Elsie Skaggs


Harold & Vinnie Boyd
Sonny Boyd


Betty Carson


Joe Cavalier


George Delmer Mills


Nadine Reidler


Harold "Sad" Williamson



Eddie McGraw


Arnold Clonch


Alice Jane Sizemore-Clonch



Violet Copeland


Bill & Janet Clonch


Ruby Bess
Phyllis Bess-


Paul Valentine
Sidney Valentine


Cathy Carroll
Edward E. Roberts


Gordon Wills


"Grandma" Morton


May Parsons
David Toler


"Beecher" O'Dell


Jack & Sally Bostic


 Myron Hannigan

 "Big John" Campbell
Ish Eye
Les Miller
Jack Webb
"Red Eye" Bailes
Paul Hughes


Tobias Baker
Joe Scott Dressler


"Chuck" Clinton O'Dell


Deputy Wm. "Bill" Giacomo


Lieutenant W.R. "Bill" Seal


Jerry W Brown


Raymond McKinney


Bob Bell
James Bell


Frank Carelli


Rick Abbott


Carl Sammul Slayton
Janis Mae Slayton
Wanda Lou Slayton
Jerry Osborne


Robert Lee Copeland
Freda T. Copeland
Cecil Copeland


 Gregg Harrell


Bob Tyler


 Gary Lee Hobbs


Homer J. Petry


George Williamson,Jr


 Sam Marsico
Joe Marsico
Frank Marsico
Ross Marsico


Greg Brown
Johnny Pennington


Please don't mourn for me;
I'm still here,
though you may never
see or hear...
I'm by your side
each night and day,
and within your heart
I long to stay.
My body is gone
but I'm always near.
I'm everything you feel,
see or hear.
My spirit is free,
but I'll never depart,
as long as you want me
alive in your heart.
I'll never wander
out of your sight,
I'm the brightest star
on a summer night.
I'll never be
beyond your reach –
I'm the warm moist sand
when you're at the beach.
I'm the colorful leaves
when fall comes around,
and the pure white snow
that blankets the ground.
I'm the beautiful flowers
of which you're so fond,
The clear cool water
in a quiet pond.
I'm the first bright blossom
you'll see in the spring,
The first warm raindrop
that April will bring.
I'm the first ray of light
when the sun starts to shine,
and you'll see that the face
in the moon is mine.
When you start thinking
there's no one to love you,
you can talk to me
through the Lord above you.
I'll whisper my answer
through the leaves on the trees,
and you'll feel my presence
in the soft summer breeze.
I'm the hot salty tears
that flow when you weep
and the beautiful dreams
that come while you sleep.
I'm the smile you see
on a baby's face.
Just look for me –
I'm everyplace!

~ Author Unknown ~




When you were born, you were crying
and everyone around you was smiling.

Live your life so that when you die,
you're the one who is smiling
and everyone around you is crying.

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