Freedom Chapel


Until We Meet Again


Life is changed, not taken away.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.




Anna Virginia Scott


Mike Bender


Francis Hill

Odbert & Pearl Dorsey

Bill Evans


William Tabit 1
Michael Tabit
Ricky Dickinson


Edward and Jewel Akers
Johnny Akers
Jack and Sylvia Spears
William Spears
Barbara Carr
Frank Spears


Nina Mae Holland


Jeremy Matthew Edwards

Janet Curry Melton
Janet Curry Melton Workman
Mary Helen Curry McClung

Adam Lee Toler


Fredrick Penn


 Norma Lanham
William Russell Ferrell
Lula Mae "Boobie" Bass
Estella Farley
Fred Farley

Roy Roger Stewart
George Hubert Stewart

Lon Larry Stewart
Billy Joe Stewart
Ernie Farley
Iva Hudnall Stewart
James "Big John" Johnson

Joseph Elwood Stewart
Richard Donald Ferrell Sr.
Rebecca Evans Ferrell

Kenny Wayne Bass
Benji Bass


James Deal
Velma Deal
Stoy St.John
Ada Tomlin
Helen Childers


Ralph & Virginia Phalen
Charles (Chuck) Phalen


Shaun Spera
Diamond Connor
Courtney Johnson

Daisy Ward

Grace Byrd


Hobart G. Royall Sr.


Virgil & Mildred Flemming


Leonard & Betty Dorsey
Timmy Dorsey

Carol (Phalen) Phillips
Lea Rae (Phalen) Vigilante
Sam Vigilante

Mike Vigilante


Louie J. Patton


Guy & Opal Myers

Macel Withrow

Dale Ward

Bill Sims,Sr.
Bill Sims,Jr.



 Jack Null

Donna Lou Bass
Betty Coleman


 Bethany Ann Carpenter
Austin Tyler Carpenter

Tiffany Lynn Kirk


 Larry Capps

John Clark Harless



 SECO Miners
at Tallmansville, WV
and *all* fallen coal miners



Translation from Spanish provided
by Dr. Enrique Aguilar.
"Thank you!"
Message: Greetings! I would love to write you in English, but I can hardly write in my own language. I'm writing to beg you to light a candle for the elevation of your son's soul, and in that same flame will go my prayers of the peace of his spirit and that of all the men, women and children who died in the attack on 09-11. United with you I will pray for peace in the World and that women like you will always give encouragement and wisdom to us whose children are alive. You taught me to tell my son: "I love you today, tomorrow and double Sundays." That is my blessing, and if it helps, a greeting from this friend who has cried when reading every letter that you and your son's friends have written in these pages. I say goodbye in unison with your daily prayers. Lourdes Gómez





Life is changed, not taken away.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.



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