Shadow Rapids






"After The Sunrise"
by Yanni






~ Shadow Rapids ~
Artist: Jonathon Earl Bowser ~ Embraced by Spirits Series ~ Copyright 1997

Attention Downloaders ~ Do Not Copy!

Look for hidden images within this painting: dream catcher,
woman, dove, cougar, horse, wolf, bear, eagle, deer...
(are there more?)





In Memory Of
Jerry Wayne Jeffries

Life is changed, not taken away.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.






"Thank you, Jonathon"

& The Bradford Exchange



This painting is proudly showcased
with written authorization of the copyright holders:
~ Jonathon Earl Bowser, Artist ~
* and *
The Bradford Exchange, world's largest trading center for Collector's Plates.
They will aggressively defend ownership!





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