In The End,                                                    

Walk In The Clouds ...            

Standing on the threshold of death,

a lifetime of memories sweeps me away.

My weary mind rewinds every second

and my heart is filled with peace.

I can't seem to recall the material objects

which I once believed had brought me joy.

The cars, the houses, the money,

like grains of blowing sand,

they have sifted through my fingers.

As vivid as the moments we shared,

I only see the faces of those I loved.

I hear the laughter, even cherish the tears.

Like counting sheep, the beautiful smiles of

family and friends appear before me.

But I am tired and it is time to rest.

Awakening above my own wretched body,

my spirit hovers in complete bliss.

There is a sad echo of those who mourn,

but still, I must smile,

for the only thing that ever mattered was love.

As a blessing, I have known that love,

both in giving and receiving

and my life's work is done.


Now, it is time to go to my Father,

but looking back one last time,

I will take all of that love to Him.

As it was in the beginning,

In the end...there is only love.
 © Steven Manchester

I walked amongst the clouds today
and then I took a seat,
to try to understand the world
that spun beneath my feet.

It was the grandest picture
my eyes had ever seen.
I couldn't make out colors,
except for blue and green.

And yet, I could see people -
a whole race on the run.
To tell the truth, from where I sat,
they clearly moved as one.

With fear, they searched for answers
they thought were on the ground.
And though they spoke in different tongues,
they made the sweetest sound.

They had the wrong perspective,
with no way they could know:
There are no individuals,
but just parts of a whole.

And so I made a wish for them,
that someday they would see ~
Only when they really love
is when they're really free.



I'll dance amongst the stars tonight,
while others search in vain.
For just above their point of view,
there's no such thing as pain.

©Steven Manchester

In The End
A Walk In The Clouds

Written by Poet Steven Manchester 

Dedicated 10-07-02
In Memory of Jerry Wayne Jeffries

"Thank you, Steven, for these truly inspirational tributes."


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Life is changed, not taken away.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.



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