Jerry Wayne Jeffries
November 30, 1970 ― July 04, 1998




Life is changed, not taken away.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.





According to Native American legends, the Ancient Ones could time-travel during full phase of the Blue Moon. Often when I'm missing him, I close my eyes and pretend that it's a mystic Blue Moon hour. On soft twinkling of the magic moonbeams, I drift gently o'er the Bridge Across Forever to a sacred place in time ...

The Abode of Yesterday is a joyful realm where precious hours we've shared with loved ones dwell today yet as real as when we lived them. There's neither sorrow for the past, nor anxiety for the future, because all the things we wanted to say and never said are fruitful there, along with all the things we wanted to do and never did.


I invite you to come join my exploration of this twilight land of yon where  memories are given tongue by the perpetual flowing of the Sands of Time. Harmonious reflection of their ancient melody is a moonbeam serenade o'er all creation ― come follow the glimmering echo.




For my Jerry

Forever and Always



"I Will Always Love You"
Midi Artist Unknown

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